Wildlife Info Bank

Here are some ideas for things you can make to help you find and get closer to wildlife and discover more about it.

Pitfall trap for insects

Using a pitfall trap is a simple way of catching insects in your garden.

Find a smooth-sided container, such as a plastic cup or glass jar. Put some small pieces of fruit into it.

Dig a hole in the soil big enough to hold the container. Make sure that its rim is level with the soil surface to disguise it from insects.

Bury your trap in the hole.

Cover your trap with a piece of wood or a lid, propped up with stones at the corners. This will leave a small gap for insects to crawl under, but will stop water getting in and prevent birds from eating the creatures you have caught.

Check your trap every few hours or leave it overnight. Insects will be tempted to the fruit in the jar and drop into it. You can then pull out the trap and have a closer look at your insects. Have a go at identifying them, and record your findings on the EYE Record page on this website. Remember to release the insects afterwards.

Bird feeder

This is a very easy feeder to make using a pine cone.

Tie some string or wire onto a pine cone.

Cover the pine cone with peanut butter.

Pour some bird seed into a bowl and roll the pine cone in it.

Hang your feeder outside.